SC GEOBARA SERVICE S.R.L. operates since 2015. From the beginning, our company GEOBARA SERVICE S.R.L. has been in continuous development, building on professionalism, efficiency, technics and on an experienced staff.

The service activity is authorized by the ROMANIAN AUTO REGISTER, as evidenced by the Technical Authorization no.19032 / 06.10.2016, issued by RAR, revised on 22.05.2017.

The company's service consists of two buildings for carrying out its activity, with a total area of 1,300 sqm, located in Bors, nr.118 Borşului Road, Bihor county, about 800 m from the border Borş. The repair channels are 4, and we have two high-performance paint booths.

We, the GEOBARA SERVICE team, specialize in vehicle maintenance and reparation, such as trucks, tractor heads, and semi-trailers.

We have tried to include as much of the services offered on the competitive market. We provide mechanic services, locksmithery, electrical maintenance and reparation, mechanical maintenance trailers, diagnostic test, dyeing, tinsmithing, car wash.

As diagnostic testers we use the TEXA application for trucks and cars as well as the VOLVO SUEDIA tester and repair manuals with which we have contracts that allow us to use their repair manual and the dedicated VOLVO truck tester. For trailers, we use WABCO diagnostics and parameterisation software. The service is very well equipped with new machinery and equipment.

At the same time we can also offer car wash service which is dedicated to the tractor heads, the trailers.

Geobara Service S.R.L. guarantees you for all services rendered as high quality services at reasonable prices.